Ready to make money? Discover WPSec’s affiliate program!

Ready to make money? Discover WPSec's affiliate program!

Do you have a blog, an e-mail list or a successful YouTube channel but just don’t know how to monetize it? Would you like to join forces with us and be part of a thrilling journey? If that’s you, WPSec’s Affiliate Program is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Our team is always on the lookout to find content creators and talented individuals with an audience. As we know our service is rock-solid, we firmly believe we can have a positive impact on your community while offering you an incentive for spreading the word.

Sign up for the affiliate program at Tapfiliate here:

How does WPSec’s Affiliate Program work?

The premise of WPSec’s Affiliate Program is pretty simple: you’ll get 50€ for each premium signup you can get us.

We know: that is pretty exciting deal, right? As we offer an automated WordPress scan that is worth using, you really would be recommending a service that:

  • Protects a WordPress-based website from attackers like no other
  • Provides deep and instant scans, so that you know where the danger may be
  • Gives the client insight on vulnerable themes, plugins and more!

Our team is pride to offer a protection for WordPress that is worth using. We provide a fantastic dashboard, where everything is clear, so that a threat does never go unnoticed. Since we have run more than 6,100,000 scans (and counting!), we truly believe we are ready to make a different in your clients’ site.

For that, WPSecs’s Affiliate Program rewards you with a generous offer, and the end-client with a fantastic service that you can be proud to promote.

Is the program already on? Are there any limits to it?

Yes, it is on. And no, there are no limits!

You may access WPSec’s affiliate program and become our ambassador here!

There are no minimum numbers and no strings attached: the more premium signups you can get, the better! We’ll be excited to reward you with 50€ per client, no limits. That simple! The cookie lifetime is 90 days, which means that the users you refer to us have 90 days to convert from a free user to a premium user.

Why an affiliate program?

As any other company, we’d love for people to spread the word about what we do. Since we believe we offer outstanding WordPress security, our goal is to encourage you to reach out to your audience on our behalf… and reward you for it!

Sounds promising? Feel free to join today! If you have an audience and want to offer them a service that can change their digital life, this is your chance: WPSec’s affiliate program is the perfect match.


You can always create your own links, banners etc, but we also provide a few banners. The banners we provide when you sign up for our affiliate program at Tapfiliate are the following sizes:

You can also use your own unique affiliate link to tweet it, share it on Instagram, Facebook or other social medias. The unique link looks something like this:

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