WordPress now powers one-third of the web!

It has been reported by W3Techs that about one-third of the top ten million sites on the web is powered by WordPress. The WordPress market share has experienced tremendous steady growth in the last few years. There has been an increase from 29.9% to 33.4% within a year. That is a great improvement.

The state of things here is quite exciting. We were happy when we first saw 50,000 downloads in 2005, and in January 2011, the project reached another milestone whereby 13.1% of websites were being powered by WordPress. And now, a new record has been set as WordPress is powering 33.4% of the sites. The most recent release, which came out on 21st of February, has been downloaded close to fourteen million times already.

WordPress 30% Usage

Over the years, WordPress has maintained its ranking and top the list as the most used CMS, and the first choice for more and more people as well as companies. As WordPress is being used by several businesses, WordPress sites grow in variety. There is no limit to who can use WordPress: from Large enterprise businesses to small local businesses; all make use of WordPress to run their site. We derive pleasure from seeing that, and our goal is to ensure that WordPress gets better every day.

We would sincerely like to appreciate everyone who works on WordPress. A large community of volunteers has grown alongside the CMS and anyone whose effort has helped built and maintained WordPress is well appreciated.

Because of the contributions of this amazing community, WordPress has continued to grow and flourish while it remains free. We would also like to express our gratitude to all of you using WordPress; for trusting in it and trusting WPScans.com to keep your installation up to date.

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