WordPress Security Scanner reliability updates

WPSec.com, Our WordPress Vulnerability Security Scanner has been updated with new functionality and reliability changes.

Detect WAF – If there is a scanning problem such as a timeout, we will try to detect if there is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocking us. And if there is we will notify you via E-mail or on the web.

Timeout detection – If there is a timeout we will now notify you. And we will skip the current scan and do the next one in the schedule and also do a WAF-scan.

No plugins found – If we can’t find any plugins we will now notify you. Also we will run a WAF-scan to see if the problem might be related to a WAF.

Redirection – If your website has no www and redirects to your root domain name we will now follow the redirect.

Try our scanner now at: https://wpsec.com

Screenshot on how an error might look like:

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