WordPress Vulnerability API

Since a few weeks we offer an API so you can get notified about new found vulnerabilities on your WordPress website.

The first part of our API are outgoing JSON webhooks. Using webhooks you can integrate against other third party services like Slack and Zapier.

The hooks is formatted as JSON, example:

    "email": "[email protected]",
    "name": "WPScans",
    "reportURL": "https://wpsec.com/scan/?id=b8af78jrhj2kjfdef33j3j3j",
    "status": "vuln",
    "type": "scan",
    "url": "http://wpsec.com"

Most of the fields are self-explaining. The status field can be no-wordpressvuln or no-vuln.

The fields being sent are:

  • type
  • name
  • reportURL
  • url
  • email
  • status

Screenshot from the Dashboard:

This new API is available to Premium Subscribers and is still in beta.

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